Sunday, 24 January 2016

Latest V-HACD source code

The latest version of the V-HACD code is available here


  1. Hi Khaled, the osx binaries for testVHACD are crashing with the error:
    dyld: Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libgcc/libgomp.1.dylib
    Reason: image not found
    \Trace/BPT trap: 5
    I tried rebuilding from source and the resulting exec crashes at 15%. I'm using OSX 10.10.5. Do you have any idea how I may fix this? Very excited to use your tools.
    Many thanks, Mark

  2. Please, could you share the mesh and settings you are using?

  3. I tested on several of the sample meshes from the git, using parameters from your Nov 2012 blog post:

    testVHACD --input /.../ --depth 30 --maxConcavity 0.01 --invertInputFaces 0 --posSampling 64 --angleSampling 32 --posRefine 8 --angleRefine 64 --alpha 0.001 --targetNTrianglesDecimatedMesh 2000

    The compiled version gets stuck at:
    15% [ Approximate Convex Decomposition 0% ] Subdivision level 1 0%

    It works fine on my Windows 10 VM though.

  4. Is it possible to save the each of the resulting convex geoms into separate stl files?

  5. Hi Khaled. Currently using the HACD implementation on Bullet it takes 10+ minutes to generate some models, and using the V_HACD 2.0 it only takes a couple seconds. Am I doing something wrong? These are my HACD parameters: mDeviceHACDProperty.nClusters = 2;
    mDeviceHACDProperty.concavity = 20;
    mDeviceHACDProperty.nVerticesPerCH = 100;
    mDeviceHACDProperty.invert = false;
    mDeviceHACDProperty.addExtraDistPoints = false;
    mDeviceHACDProperty.addNeighboursDistPoints = false;
    mDeviceHACDProperty.addFacesPoints = false;
    Could I use V_HACD 2.0 in Bullet?

    1. I have tried different concavities, clusters and verticesPerCh as well

    2. Why do you need to use HACD, Bullet ships with VHACD in Extras/VHACD, right?

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  7. Hi Khaled, I am impressed with the V_HACD code that you have created. I am experimenting with the various settings. Do you have a set of parameters where the highest level of convex decomposition can be achieved? (even small holes on the model?)

  8. Hi Khaled, the works are awesome. After decomposition into convex shapes, the simulation is faster indeed. I am just wondering a little bit further. Is it possible to create Spheres, Capsules and Boxes only during the decomposition? If so, it should be the ultimate solution for convex decomposition for collision detection.